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Problem connecting a Belkin N+ Router to a Verizon Actiontec Router

Hi - We have a Dr's office, and we're trying to setup a separate wi-fi network so that the patients can connect their wireless in the lobby. The Belkin N+ router has "guest access" on it, so we got this one so we can keep networks separate. I'm having trouble getting the Belkin connected to the Actiontec. The Verizon Actiontec has an internal IP of, and the Belkin by default is set to I connected the Belkin directly to a PC, and changed the LAN IP to, not to conflict with the Verizon Actiontec. I connected a LAN cable from a LAN port on the Actiontec to the WAN port on the Belkin (also tried LAN to LAN) still doesnt work. I've disabled DHCP on the Actiontec, left it on with the Belkin, still nothing. With the Belkin connected to the Actiontec and the Belkin having a LAN IP address of, i cant ping it either. For some reason the Verizon router is not letting it connect, or accepting it as part of the network. I've reset everything, and it doesnt work. Any ideas would be helpful!
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Have you changed your gateway IP for the Belkin to the IP of the other device?

Do you have link? Maybe wrong cable?
enable DHCP server on Actiontec
enable Access Point mode on your Belkin (web interface > Wireless section)
on the same page set IP as and gateway as
connect the ethernet cable from Actiontec's LAN port to Belkin's WAN port

your Actiontec will act as a gateway router, firewall and DHCP server
if you want those functions to be performed by Belkin then it's a different story