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SharePoint Workflow initiation form.

parikh12 asked
My workflow started automatically when document added in Library. Do I need to create initiation form for my workflow?
I can use integrated infopath form with form library?

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If you are submitting to the document library then you should not need anything else since you have the workflow starting when an item is created automatically.  


That means, Form library form work as a initiation form and gets initiation data along with other user inputs. And all fields of infopath can be integated with Sharepoint Form library/list?
The form itself will not be your initiation. Your initiation of the workflow is when the form is completed by a user and submitted to the From Library because you selected "Start this workfow upon item creation".  

This will only work if your form is a browser based form connected to a sharepoint list, or a form published to a form library that submits to said form library.  Otherwise you will need to create an initiation form like if you are using your published form to submit to a SQL table and just using the Sharepoint Form Library to host the form in an easily accesible place.

So in essence as long as you keep your form associated with the form libary or sharepoint list it was created for it will get all the data associated with the fields in the list/form library.

Hope this makes sense.