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Backupexec w/two nics

mlewis85 asked
I have a dell server with two nics, one intel 100mb and one intel 1000mb. I am using Backupexec 11D sp3. I want buexec to only use the 1000mb NIC, it only seems to use the 100mb nic. I am using task manager in windows to monitor the nics and the only one with any traffic is the slower one. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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First make sure the NIC with 1000GB uses a different subnet and different IP than your other NIC (create a separate LAN for the backup). Then in the backup selection use the IP and share of that separate LAN, or map the shares using those IP's to drive letters. On the other servers you are backing up make sure the BE agents are active on their backup NICs.
Iamthecreator OMIT/EE Solution Guide

Have you specified the network you want to utilize in BEWS defaults or the backup job?
If not refer to the following
Changing the backup network and security options for a job \

Even after selecting the preferred NIC if it falls back to the "USE ANY AVAILABLE " option then you are witnessing a known defect in BEWS 11 D

Changes to the Default Network Interface setting from "Use any available Network  Interface" to a Preferred Network Interface Card selection will not stay  selected.