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IE8 initial setup

I have a terminal server that keeps asking the users to do the initial setup on IE8. Anyway I can set the server to globally bypass this and just give them google.com as a homepage and skip everything else?

Is there a registry entry I can adjust for this?
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Try this, I found a GPO IE7/8 setting called 'Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings' and once enabled you can set the option to 'Skip Customize Settings, and go directly to the user's home page.'

I located the inetres.adm file for IE8 settings found in c:\windows\ie8\ folder on a server with IE8 installed.  I imported this adm file to a new GPO I created called 'Disable IE8 First Run Customize Settings Wizard' enabled the 'Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings' and set it to go to user's home page under computer configuration.  I applied this to the Terminal Servers OU and ran gpupdate on all of our terminal servers.  This looks to be the fix.

Hey Bryce:
I think this is what is what you are looking for:


Should take care of that with the least amount of effort:)


romojotek... IE8 is already installed on the WTS in question. Would this still apply? My issue is with IE8 asking users to configure it... I need a global way for them to not have to touch that because there are applications that pull IE8 up automatically but it will not go forward because it's waiting for their IE configuration input.
Sorry Bryce:

  I totally misread your question my bad.
That link would block the IE 8 forced update.
I would have to then agree with mjt2404
this article seems to explain it very well

Sorry for the confusion.  I though you just wanted to block IE8 install my bad once again read to many articles today. :)