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Show subsites on welcome page (search page) as tabs (top navigation bar?)

JordanMrazek asked
created a team site on sharepoint server 2010, but i wasn't able to show all subsites as a tab list (or any other list) on the welcome page. What is the setting to enable to view all subsites as tab list?

I am able to see all subsites if i click on "site settings", but i want the same tabs on welcome page if possible.. see attached images. site settings welcome page
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dont see "easy tabs" on sharepoint 2010. and i guess these tabs are for the webparts on the page. I would like to have all subsites as tabs.


not sure if you solved this already, but here is how you can do this. Navigate to site actions->site settings. Click on Navigation under Look and Feel, and in the Global Navigation area, select the checkbox for "Show subsites".

hope this helps
I have found the solution. I just created a new web page and selected "web part page" template which automatically shows the subsites as tabs.