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When saving as in Word 2007, it does not pull up the Save As to browse where you want to save the document to

When my customer tries to save a document as in Word 2007, she doesn't get the window that pops up asking her where she wants to save the document to.  It doesn't do anything, and when we close Word, it asks if she wants to save the document, and I hit Yes but again nothing comes up.  I click no and the document closes but Word stays open, I close Word and it says something to the effect that we have the Prompt to save in normal. checked, which we don't.  Customer isn't sure what she might have done, and I can't find anything in Word that could bring the save window back up.  Do you have any other ideas?
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If the document has been saved once already it will not ask you where to save it.  It will default to the last location it was saved to.  If it's been saved before and you want to save as a new name or in a new location, you have to use the "Save As" menu item (Alt-F, A)


Ok I'm not sure you are understanding what is going on.

She can have a brand new document, and try to close it out, it asks if you want to save the document, she hits YES, and it doesn't bring up the Save As menu.  She hits NO and the document closes but Word stays open.  She closes out Word and it gives the message saying that the document has been changed (or something to that effect) and said that in Word Options > Advanced > the Prompt to Save normal. is checked.  But it is not checked.

She can open a document that's already been edited, and she decides she wants to change the name of the document, this time, she'll go to Office Button > Save As > but the SAVE AS menu does not come up.

I'm still trying to get her to try the ALTL F-A, she said it's only bringing up the Office Button menu, which tells me she's not hitting the keys properly OR it's just that the SAVE AS is still not able to come up.

Adding to my comment, she tried the ALT F-A in Excel and she was able to get the Save As menu but still not in Word.

dansoto is right:  it appears that the documents has been saved to a temporary folder, so you need the save as feature in word.  To do this, access the Save As command from the Office button (the round this in the top left hand corner).