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Godaddy certificate on local server

level9tech asked
can I install a godaddy SSL cert on a server inside our local network that wont be on the web?
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Yes you can, however, if your internal devices are connecting using the local IP of the server, then it may not work.
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer

you can - bear in mind that whatever is in the certificate must be what the users type in to reach that server (you can often arrange this by having internal dns hand out suitable names)


can I put a cert on a IP address? or does it need a real name. I want to be able to browse thru https? can this be done
Software and Hardware Engineer
no, you can include an IP address - anything the users type in (short name, long name or ip) is valid for a cert.

in fact all netware servers, by default, self-generate a dns and an IP cert for their own use.