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IBM 600 - 00161 and 00163 error

peter2407 asked
I have an old IBM 600 on NT that is showing a 00161 and 00163 error. There is also and odd whirring sound. I do not have any old boot or OS CD's. Can anyone help in fixing this please? Also, I am using a 16v/4.15 amp PSU. Is this likely to become a problem?
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 Well it is one of 2 things as far as i can tell:
The errors you are getting are are relating to the back up battery:(CMOS battery errors.
on the motherboard.

a couple good site to check for further help:

If is is not a battery issue could lead toward a problem with the motherboard itself.
I would defiantly check out IBM's site would likely be the most help.
Keep in mind even if info on your exact model is not  avail can find use full info on problem.

Hope this helps,

had a lot of error with that. be sure the cmos battery is over. you just need to replace it (not very expensive on ebay) and set the correct time/date and you'll be fine.