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Can I Boot from esata

BlindOldMan asked
I have a new i7 mobo.
Problem: after putting in this new mobo, cpu and ram in my box, once I hit the power button the PS/system starts then restarts 3 times before really starting. I was told this is an issue with fast ddr3 and x58 chipset. My primary hard disk is a SSD which does not like the power cycling thing and does not show up in bios most of the time.
I think my solution will be to get and externally powered esata HD enclosure so the drive does not see the power go up and down.

Question is: If bios suppports booting from external esata will it be much slower than plugging it directly to an internal sata port?
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Most Valuable Expert 2015
There isn't any difference between the speeds of eSATA and Internal SATA.