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Expanding a Volume/Drive Using XenCenter and an HP SAN

epaschal asked

I am extremely new to XenCenter and SAN's and need help expanding a volume.

I have a virtual server running through XenCenter. The D drive on the virtual server is nearly out of space, and I have roughly 800 gig of spare capacity on the SAN.

Right now, the virtual server has a C drive with 40 Gig, and a D drive with 500 gig.

On my SAN, I see a volume labeled after my virtual server that is 600 gig in size. The SAN has an additional 800 gig in unused capacity.

Within XenCenter, I see a list of "Virtual Disks" under the "Storage" tab when clicking the link for the SAN volume. There I see the C and D drives that appear on that virtual server.

How do I go about increasing the drive size? I see that I can click on the properties for the virtual disk in XenCenter and change the size, could it be that easy... I was thinking I would first have to extend the volume on the SAN, then go to XenCenter and adjust the size of the virtual disk, then access the server (running Server 2003) and expand the partition.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.
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Thats pretty much how you would do it yes, although after you increase the LUN on the SAN, XenServer/XenCenter will not see the increased size Lun by default.

You will need a little bit of downtime to acheive this.......

After increasing the LUN, you will need to detach/reatach the LUN. See the following citrix article


Then  as you said above, adjust the size of the Virtual Disk, and then increase it in the 2003 VM


Thank you for your reply. Would I use the "iSCSI SRs with software initiator instructions", or the "HBA SR" instructions? I am on 5.5 and my storage is attached via iSCSI to an HP StoreageWorks SAN. I would assume the iSCSI instructions apply, but want to make certain since the "software initiator" isn't a term I've heard before.

Also - regarding downtime - would I only need to power down VM's associated with this volume - or all VM's attached to the XenServer?



No follow-up reply. I am pretty new to all of this so it was a lot to take in but thankfully everything worked out.