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How do I change default email address in site on sharepoint 2007 moss

skinsfan99 asked
I have main page set up, and sites under for each department. My QA dept is starting workflows, but they are being sent out from my admin account. How do I change that to a different AD group email.  If I need to recreate workflow that is ok as it is still being tested.

I will need to do this with other departments and their email group as well.

I have looked in Central Admin, but that pertains to the global admin email I am using..

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Justin SmithSr. System Engineer
Top Expert 2012

you can set this globally or per web application.  globally in central admin under operations - outgoing email settings.  or set it at the web app level in central admin under application mgmt - web app outgoing email settings.  the web app setting will override the global.


There are muliple subsites of the main site in Sharepoint.. I just need to change the one subsite.  I only see one web application. That appears to be the default site name and not the departments site.

I may be missing something?
Sr. System Engineer
Top Expert 2012
you can't set it per sub site or site collection (out of the box).  what ever it is set at for the web application or the global is what it's going to send as.  

if you only have one web app, then all of your sites are under it.  change the outgoing email settings for that app and it will change it for the site.  again, all your sites will use this setting.  you can't modify it for one subsite and use something else for another subsite.