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Outlook and sending on Behalf of Others

jhieb asked
I have two email accounts setup in my Outlook 2007 client. My server is also Exchange 2007. One of my Outlook accounts is the same account I use in Exchange. The other account is a POP3 account from somewhere else. This POP3 account is also my default email address so that I can send messages to people using it.

Sometimes, I use GoToMeeting to create meetings for people. This software allows me to create meetings and invite others. It will create a new meeting message in Outlook for me so that I can send it to others. When it does this, the message is sent from my default POP3 mail account, and it creates a calendar entry in my Exchange Server account. Therefore, when messages are sent to people the messages are sent by my default POP3 account but on "Behalf of" my Exchange account. I don't want people to see my Exchange account. Is it possible to prevent them from seeing my "Behalf of..." email address or am I stuck using it since I am also sending out a Calendar invitation?

Hopefully, this makes sense.

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This issue comes as Though you have selected POP account as default, still the GoTo Meeting software will recognize the exchnage account and not POP account.

Insted of using GoToMeeting, whey dont you manually go into POP calendar and create appointment or meetings. This will hide your exchnage server account from attendees.


Yes, the POP account is the default. I am doing support services for someone else so we want to keep my support and their support separate. The GoToMeeting sessions are for them, but I also like to use my calendar. Maybe, what you recommened is the best solution. I can still access both accounts but create the calendar entry first, and then send it via GoToMeeting. thanks for the suggestion.