Setting power management via registry or group policy

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What I would like to do is set up Windows 7 Power management for all my users via group policy or a registry setting that I can distribute to all users via a package (IE Prism Deploy).

Right now, all users that are getting Windows 7 are having issues with their systems sleeping on the network rather than staying awake to recieve updates from Microsoft. I would like the systems to have 10 minutes before sleeping and hibernating in 30 while on battery. I want them to never sleep or hibernate when on AC power..

How would I do this in the least intrusive method possible?

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There isn't anything directly exposed in Group Policy - however.......Set the power state you want on one machine.Use the command powercfg /export scheme /file C:\pwrscheme.powCopy this file to the Netlogon share.Introduce a Startup Script into a GPO linked to the domain (preferrably a new one).In this script call up powercfg /import /file \\%logonserver%\netlogon\pwrscheme.powThis should set them using the machine context so it has rights.Let me know.


Are you sure the syntax is correct on what you sent me? It's not working.

Powercfg keeps telling me "invalid parameters"
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My fault, sorry.

powercfg /export c:\pwrscheme.pow


powercfg /import \\%logonserver%\netlogon\pwrscheme.pow

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