DNS issue, ping resolves IP, but times out, on any attempt.


I am experiancing a strange issue.
I am running dual DNS/DC servers. One as the main, and another as a backup.
When I attempt a ping, for say:  google.com, It resolves the IP, but then proceeds to time out on any ping attempt. I can ping any public name, get the IP, enter that IP into a browser and it works fine. I just cannot seem connect or ping to anything durring a ping test.
When I run a NSLOOKUP, it work just fine.
For example, I do the following command:  nslookup google.com
The response:
Server:  'My DSN server'
Address: (my dns address)

Non-authorative Answer:
Name:  google.com

Yet, when I ping anything, it shows the IP and then proceeds to time-out.
I have tried resetting the Stack and flushing DNS on my machine, etc.

Any Ideas of what to try next?


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Darius GhassemCommented:
Most likely Firewall is blocking the ping request.

If nslookup is working properly then DNS is working correctly.
Darius GhassemCommented:
Type in ping www.google.com
icarus2256Author Commented:
Yea, also tried the WWW in front of all attempts.
I am Running an ASA, is there a way to block all outbound ping requests?
I know how to config inbound ICMP requests, but have never needed to deal with outbound pings, etc.

Cisco ASA 5510 (or something like that)

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Darius GhassemCommented:
Can you ping the IP addresses?
icarus2256Author Commented:
No, like I said, I run a ping command with either www.google.com or google.com (yahoo.com, etc - does not matter): PING www.google.com
Pinging www.1.google.com []

Request Timed Out
Request Times Out..
etc, etc

Yet, I can go to a browser and enter the IP direct and it will pull right up.
Also, I can enter the name and not IP into URL and it too works!!
I think its just a senario where the outbound ICMP on my ASA is desabled.
I am not even sure if thats an option or even do'able, but about the only thing I can think of.
Darius GhassemCommented:
No what I'm saying is can you type ping and get a response?
Darius GhassemCommented:
What I believe is your DNS is solid there are no issues but you have a firewall or router disabled ping requests (ICMP)

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icarus2256Author Commented:
Heh, I just found the issue.
There is indeed a way to allow ICMP in and out for any machine.
Set it and Volia, I am now golden

Thanks for jarring my memory.
icarus2256Author Commented:
Thanks for making me think harder.

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