How do I fix clip art error 0x800c0008?

When inporting different images in MS office 2003, some work and the ones that do not display an error. Error title: "Microsoft Clip Organizer" Error text: "Clip organizer cannot complet the operation error code 0x800c0008." How do you fix this

Suggested by Google I have:
-added\clipart to trusted web sites list in firewall settings in IE under Internet options
-Deleted temp cache under internet options.
-I repaired word 2003 then did a full uninstall/reinstall of office 2003
-Ran an update on the 2007 converter tool
-Attempted to add artgalry.dll to folded C: \program files\common files\microsoft shared
-Ran MS updates after and before uninstall/reinstall

None of these solutions have worked, please help!
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You have to Add the url to the Firewall's list not the IE firewall list. And Added as a trusted website. Any way here MS say how to doit

Tienes que agregar el vinculo a la lista del Firewall, no a la lista de firewall del Internet Explorer. Tambien ayudaria poner el vinculo como un sitio web de confianza. De toas maneras aqui dice MS como hacerlo. 
Have you tried this... 
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SStarksAuthor Commented:
On our network adding programs to the exception list is not an option
Perhaps your network firewall is blocking the site rather than the windows firewall.  what kind of firewall are you using?
One of the most common errors with regards to Clip Art is that the Temporary folder is full. Empty your temp files and then attempt to add additional clip art objects to your Clip Art Organizer.

Dawn Bleuel
Word MVP
SStarksAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but none of these seemed to fix the problem. Is there a way to uninstall the clipart component and re-install it seperately?
The clip art component is part of the Office installation I believe.  Therefore, you should be able to go to Add/Remove Programs and modify the installation removing the component.  I'd do that, restart, perform a repair of office, then add the component back.  Just to be thorough.
SStarksAuthor Commented:
  Word does not allow you to remove this component, only make it unavailable. A problem that I did notice is all the JPEG images will work, it is the WMF image files that give me that error or will not work. If you right click on an image and go to it's properties, the JPEG will show a file path and the WMF path is blank. Any ideals?
Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing with the WMF file?
SStarksAuthor Commented:
I am unable to do a screen shot because I am remoting in. Its the same eroor in the initial question

Error title: "Microsoft Clip Organizer"
Error text: "Clip organizer cannot complet the operation.
                  Error code 0x800c0008."

However, when I logged into the users machine, with my own credentials, I did not have a problem with any of the clipart. Could she be missing a file or folder somewhere on her profile?
Does she have local administrator rights on her workstation?  Sounds as if she might be missing a file association.  When you look at the same file under your profile, what do you see?
SStarksAuthor Commented:
Yes, she is a local admin. The only difference between her picture properties and mine is the path on mine says
C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\NJV98UOL\MC900310004[1].wm
 and her path is blank.
Try recreating the user's profile.  Save off the Desktop shortcuts, IE favorites and any Outlook PST.
SStarksAuthor Commented:

   I recreated her profile and got the same error message, however in her programs under Microsoft Office-->Microsoft Office Tools --> Microsoft ClipArt Organizer was highlighted as if it was a new install.
digitapCommented:'ve got a weird one there.  perhaps removing this Office component and readding it.  I still think there's a file association issue.  That or a repair might reassociate those files to ClipArt Organzier.  I know you've performed a Office uninstall/reinstall and repair.  Maybe it'll be different this time...I'm also running out of ideas.

Can you try logging onto the computer with a user that's never logged on before?  Make sure they are local admin.  A normal user.  I assume your login is part of the domain admin group, right?
SStarksAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have admin rights. We think it may have something to do with the server blocking WMF files. Give me a few days to check on this and I will let  you know the outcome.
that sounds reasonable.  what firewall do you have?
SStarksAuthor Commented:
We use Symantec Endpoint Protection
what of the features do you have installed on the client and the server?  I was told by Symantec support that just disabling the features via policy in the SEP Management console wasn't enough.  I had to deploy a SEP client package that removed those features from the installation.  It's possible the SEP is blocking the files and not giving you any alerts.

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SStarksAuthor Commented:
Chatting with the LAN Admin, it was determined that the issue is that our internal web proxy ISA 2006 is blocking .wmf downloads for the restricted internet users.
SStarksAuthor Commented:
Great help, had a lot of suggestions to every obstacle.
glad i could help and thanks for the points!
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