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A department of ours is looking at building an application that will hook into Exchange, using MAPI, and then carry out various tasks (forward mail etc).

I know there are some products out there that have access to MAPI (Blackberry for one, the Mac Entourage client for Exchange etc)....I was wondering - are the details on MAPI in the public domain, or do MS protect them very heavily.

For instance, I can understand Blackberry/RIM - that's not going to harm MS in anyway (I assume Exchange ActiveSync was not around when the access was granted). But how about new companies that want to build a product that MS already have (let's say I wanted to build a mobile messaging solution in competition to ActiveSync)....would MS freely give out this information?

And, purely out of interest, what are people's opinion to the one Apple product that DOES have access to MAPI, Entourage?
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MAPI? Messaging API? You can find in MSDN and CodeFlex:
MSDN. Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI)
MSDN. Welcome to the Outlook 2010 MAPI Reference
HI Chuck,

I would seriously check out Redemption. It is a wrapper around MAPI and does all the hard work for you. I've written a bunch of apps for Outlook/Exchange, and Redemption gives me everything I have needed and more.

You will need the RDO element. Check out his website here:

In the menubar you will see RDO. THis is a seperate element from the safe Outlook items. All the objects are shown on the left. Its quite a mature product these days and for accessing exchange. moveing mails/folders etc it more than does the job.

I have many commercial applications that I have built using this. (

Dmitri who has created it  (an Exchange MVP) also gives good support via

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