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Hello Experts,
        I have a question specific to NAT on Cisco ASA firewalls . Specifically is it possible to do an overload(PAT) from the outside going to the inside. I know that Cisco ASA can do inbound NAT as a static NAT, or a port redirection. However I have never heard of doing an inbound overload(PAT).  I.e  from outside get PAT'D to inside address. Any information is greatly appreciated.
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No, you cannot do this on ASA.
NAT relies on the keywords inside and outside to determine which way to  do NAT/PAT. So if you have a NAT already setup for outbound traffic I  don't think you can do it. You would have to inverse what interfaces are  defined as the inside and outside if you already have a NAT configured.
yes , but its not the same as when you do pat from inside to outside because you need to apply an access-list to allow that subnet to access the inside:
nat (outside) 1
global (inside) 1 netmask
access-list ACCESS_OUT_IN permit ip host
access-group ACCESS_OUT_IN interface outside

Hope you find this info helpful
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So can it be done. Hearing some conflicts
luc_roySystem Admin
yes you can do pat from outside to inside

Configure PAT on the outside interface

ASA(config)# global (outside) 1 interface
ASA(config)# nat (inside) 1


Great thanks gentlemen.

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