Multibinding Which Control?

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I have a MultiBinding in my WPF XAML  similar to this...

<Multibinding Converter="{StaticResource myConverter}">
  <Binding ElementName="Control1" Path=Value>
  <Binding ElementName= Control2" Path=Value>
 < Binding ElementName= Control3" Path=Value>

In my IMultiConverter I would like to Know which Control set which value ?

The Converter Code has a function

public object Convert ( object[]values ,.....

Anyway to find out that value[0] was set by Control1 etc?




Could I use OnDataContextChanged or OnPropertyChanged?  Or is there a way to grab the MultiBinding Data from the XAML ?

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You should be able to collect the data you're seeking by using the ConverterParameter property, see the link below: 
I have found a solution to this that has not been presented anywhere before. I will create an Article explaing how it works.

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