Can I set a user logon picture for a user that follows him from the server?

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windows server 2008, Active Directory Domain, Win 7 clients (all are members of the domain and under GPO control)

Can I have a shared folder or something with a head shot of a user and set that image to be the 'logon picture'.

AND make it follow him what ever workstation he logs on to (as long as he is on the network)?
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If you aren't interested in acquiring a third party software suite, then yes, as long as you are using roaming profiles. (Information on setting it up is here:

Third Party Software like Hyena ( and Dameware ( Have the ability to attach a User Photo to an Active Directory account, but I haven't used these utilities and cannot speak to their ability to do this in Windows 2008, or if the User Photo will show up as the Login photo for the user.
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I don't think you can do it on a shared folder...but haven't really tried

In Exchange and Sharepoint you pull from the thumbnailPhoto Attribute.  more on that here




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