Server Shutsdown Unexpectedly Right After NIC Error

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Almost every day around 5AM (give or take a few minutes) my server gets the following error twic at the same time  on one of its NIC's:

EVENT ID 4: "Broadcom BCM5708C: The network link is down.  Check to make sure the network cable is properly connected."

Aftr this error the server seems to shutdown unexpectedly and reboot.  30 second after the NIC error I get:

EVENT ID 1101: "Audit events have been dropped by the transport. The real time backup file was corrup de to improper shutdown.

I am not sure when the server physically shutsdown.

This is on a SBS 2008 server that is attached to an ISA 2006 server for its outside access.  This happens almost every day at 5AM for the past few weeks.

Also the NIC in question is the secondary NIC that is being used for Hyper-V external netwok.  The main NIC for this server that has the static IP address is an Intel NIC and has no errors.
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Did you install the Hyper-V role on your SBS box? That'll definitely break things!
Keith AlabasterEnterprise Architect
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Absolutely. Hyper-v on SBS2008 is not a supported configuration as memory serves.
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Aye, its not. But sometimes you can get away with some configurations even when they aren't supported. Installing Hyper-V is *NOT* one of those cases. It definitely actively breaks things.
any Symantec products installed?  BESR specifically.  Certain versions of it would KILL my server.

try this:

on the Hyper-V NIC, turn off all network services and protocols EXCEPT MS Virtual Network Switch Protocol.  i.e. make sure MSVNS Protocol is the only protocol turned ON.

on the other NIC, make sure that MSVNS Protocol is turned OFF.

try that and see if it helps. I installed the hyper-v role like this and have had no issues.....on SBS 2008 with eveyrthing and the kitchen sink running.



Thanks!  I'll give it a try.  I have been running Hyper-V on SBS like this for almost two years and didn't have an issue until now.  No changes to the environment since except windows updates.

I'll let you know how your remedy pans out.

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