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There are some other posts here and on other web sites saying to change the driver.  This doesn't apply to this problem.  We are using the 32 bit and 64 bit UPD PCL (v5.1) driver from HPs web site.  This is happening on a CLJ 4700 and a CLJ 2550.  I have deleted the printers and recreated them on the server to be sure nothing was left behind.  

When my boss and two other employees print to the same printer using the same driver and setting from the server they get the PCL XL error illegal Media Size error on the following page.
On the non working PCs I have gone into server properties and removed all other drivers and installed the driver from the server and verified it is working but it still prints that second page with the error.  When most people print using the driver from the server it doesn't print the extra page with the error.

This happens when printing a self test with in Windows 7 Devices and Printers so it isn't an application issue.  We have tested PDFs, Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher files and they all print the second page with the error on the non working PCs.  The UPD PS (v5.1) driver doesn't generate the error so I added that as an option but they didn't seem to like scrolling to a different printer.

The self test for the non working PCs prints the section "If you can read ......" this line will print two extra words "Printing PC" dropping the L for PCL on my working PC it doesn't print those words on the same line it prints them on the following line and it prints Printing PCL.

The problem appears to be the increased margin on the non working PCs but I don't know how to fix it.  Something in the profile or windows I guess.

Thank you for your help I did try everything I could think of before asking for help.

HP wanted to charge me for support "please give me your credit card to continue"
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The IllegalMediaSize error implies that the print request has requested a paper size (e.g. A4) which is not available on the printer.
What paper size is defined in the default printer preferences?

Don't quite understand your second question about the self test.


The paper size is letter.

The second part isn't a question is it additional information.  When you print a self test within windows you get the page that says congratulations!  If you can read this information, you have correctly installed your HP Universal Printing PCL (v5.1) on Server.  The L isn't printing because it is going beyond the printable area.

This morning I logged in as a different user and tried printing the self test and it print the same with the missing L and the additional page with the error.
My boss went into the settings for factory default on the printer and hit reset and it appears to have fixed the problem for him and the other user.  They are going to test but it appears to be working.

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