Can you publish an application using vmware instead of a full desktop?

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We are exploring the possibility of migrating a handful of sales staff from PC to Mac. We have a single custom database application; which is Progress Database based, that only runs on PC. Currently, there isn't a Mac client available of the Progress Database software.

My question is, can we run a Mac desktop and only publish this one application using vmware or do i have to run do i have to run the application from a full pc desktop using vmware? In Citrix, i know it's possible to publish a single application, and i'm hoping that same functionality is available with a virtualization product such as vmware.
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If the application needs to run on a desktop, then simply use VMware Fusion, create a VM and place the app in/on the VM and test the functionality. Hopefully that will work for you.

Citrix is the best way to this, they have tied in tightly to the Mac - even the ipad and iphone.
This a pretty cool video showing how they allow you to use your iphone as a mouse track pad for the ipad! Crazy!
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.
You could:
-cetralize your db on a windows 2008 server
-install the db client on the 2008 server
-configure Remote Web applications for your Mac users.

This is lower in cost over Citrix because this is required for Citrix to work.
But if user experience isnt great, then what's point, users complain and then push back in the future. From any ipad, iphone, or droid OS, hit the app store, find the Citrix receiver and hit the Demo Cloud and test the different applications including 32bit CAD apps or office 2010. Citrix has knocked it out of the park lately, raised the bar. That is why MS named them their ISV partner of the year last week - gave them best in show at Tech Ed, they just won best of Interop, they were an infoworld technology of the year. There is a buzz for a reason, check it out for yourself. They have made virtual desktops and applications a usable reality.
On the other hand, you could follow nappy's advice and then when/if user experience isnt that great put Citrix on top of server 2008. But once users think something isnt that great, its hard to turn them back around.

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