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Let's say the user types some text in a TextBox, when he presses the TButton "Send", I want his username with the text he just typed under to be displayed in a RichView.

Here comes my question, everything that is displayed in the RichView can be modified by simply clicking in the RichView and than doing whatever the user wants to do with it.  But how can I prevent the user from erasing/modifying the usernames that corresponds to each part of text in the RichView???

Hope this is clear enough for you to help me...

By the way, I use Delphi 2009

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you can set up richview as read only:

RichView1.ReadOnly:= True;


I want to be able to modify the text that's add by users but I don't want to be able to modify their username.
I've read some doc and I think that I could use AddItem with a label in parameter to add my usernames in the RichView.

Then it would be impossible to modify this label.  

But I didn't try it yet....

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