SBS 2008 & Windows 2000: Can I connect the 2000 server to an SBS 2008 Domain?

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I am installing a new SBS 2008 server that will be replacing a SBS 2003 DC that is being retired. I have a Windows 2000 server that is currently attached to the SBS2003 domain with a role of Workstation on Server. It hosts a legacy database that I have to keep running at that current Win 2000 OS level.

I am currently preparing to raise the functional level of the AD directory and forest from Mixed to 2003 to prepare for this migration and have a few, hopefully brief, questions:

Is there any advice on what I might need to look at on the 2000 server to prepare for the AD and forest uplift?

Since this server will not be acting in any type of BDC role with the new SBS 2008 domain, will there be any issues attaching the 2000 server to the domain?

I had reviewed the TechNet article at but the focus seems to be on reconciling 2000 servers that are providing PDC and BDC services.

Any advice will be gratefully received.
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1) Just so I understand you, you state that you are at the point where you are going to raise the functional level of AD as part of a migration. However later you say that the 2000 server will not be acting as a DC (there is no PDC or BDC in windows 2000 and above) in the "new" domain. Normally I wouldn't read into that too much, but you also ask if there will be any issus attraching the 2000 server to the domain, which if this were a migration, there'd be no attaching involved.
So my first question is, is this going to be a migration or a new domain?
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Sorry, This is a migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008.

We currently have an SBS2003 server that is managing the domain. The 2000 server is attached to the domain in a workstation role.
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As long as the server is not a domain controller there should not be any issues.
Just make sure and put in the the DNS the DNS Suffix

For example in the Windows 2000 machine under the TCP/IP section of the networking in advance under the DNS tab make sure and select Append These DNS Suffixes and put in your local domain (mydomain.local)

If you do not do this you may have issues adding it to the domain.

If you are using DHCP to get the address for the 2000 machine you do not need to do this.
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FYI - I have just completed an SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 migration with a Windows Server 2000 server sitting on the domain the entire time.  No problems encountered at all and everything is working happily.

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