SonicWall GVC Error while connecting to remote gateway

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When trying to connect to our NSA2400 from an outside network, using the latest GVC from, and I am receiving an error after the ISAKMP Phase 2 negotiation starts that says:

"Received invalid ID information notify."

I can't seem to find to much online about it when the error message happens AFTER Phase 2.  Most online articles pertain to it occurring just after Phase 1.  Phase 1 completes successfully and the user authentication is succeeding.

Anyone have some ideas on this?
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Do you have any double-NAT going on, or modem/router attached to your WAN that has a firewall feature set?

Can you paste the Logs from the GVC client? Are there any other messages on the Sonicwall Log about the connection?


Hi Crouthamela,

There is a COX Modem for our Fiber internet line, but that device isn't setup to for any type of firewall functionality.  Other than that, it's just the NSA 2400.

The log is attached to this post.

Can you paste the logs from your SonicWALL during this negotiation?

What settings do you have in the user, are they allowed in to the network in the VPN Access tab?


Well crouthamela, you hit the nail on the head.  Apparently the allowed network wasn't in the VPN access tab.  I added that to the user account and I got connected right away.

Thanks for your help!
Sure no problem, glad it worked for you! Remember you can set that in a group as well and add users to a group if you have a lot of people.

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