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Im looknig for a way to copy an entire list from one site to another, the site is used as a project managment solution for phone system installs, i want to be able to dynamically create tasks based on how the survey is answered.
I can do almost everything (Create a new site, link the site, etc..)  - Thanks to ilovesharepoint's create site worflow.
- i am currently looking for a way to 'load' up a list on the main protal site as the new workspace is created then copy that enitre list from the portal site to the new workspace- then delete the portal site list content as to be ready for the next approved phone system install.
Or rather than copy a list item from one site to another or simply create a new task on another site.
any thoughts?
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i don't think you can do that with a workflow.  well, unless you do it line by line....  in which case you'd need to iterate through the list with the workflow and copy each item, delete the item, and loop through again until all items are deleted from the source list.  not really a good solution, in my opinion

you're better off handling this via code.  here are some resources:
You're looking to take a site that you have configured and are using in one location and set it up at another location without the current content ? If this is what you are doing,  then why use a workflow at all ? why not just create a site template from the current defination and make a feature which you install on the new site.
There is even software and tutorials of how to do this...
Sorry if i have missed the point of your post,  thats my two-peneth
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