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Proper way to setup Microsoft Exchange and just use a POP based business account

pjnutt used Ask the Experts™
I have a client who recently purchased a new small business server.  SMB2008.  This comes with Exchange 2007.  They are used to just accessing their e-mail from a POP based hosted business e-mail account.  Is there any way to incorporate exchange server 2007 with this POP based e-mail host?  They would like to be able to use other features of Outlook such as shared calendars, etc, making Exchange a good solution.  Any input would be great.  

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you cannot use exchange with outlook configured using pop accounts and leverage all the features like shared calendars
exchange 2007 has the outlook anywhere feature that allows them to still access outside the network without a vpn similar to pop

You can use a 3rd party pop connector that will pull the POP3 email from the ISP host into Exchange.
Here is an example one, but there are many others.
Sounds like this client currently has his email being hosted by an outside service. Does he have his own domain name (ie: ***.com)? If so you will need to stop using the outside hosted service and start hosting your own mail. This involves changing your domain MX records and setting up Exchange to host the email. This is a very big topic for just one post. I / we can defiantly help you but you should decide if you want to undertake this role.  

Besides setting up Exchange there is also going to be Firewall, Spam Filtering, and Backup plans you are going to also have to setup and maintain.
Exchange is defiantly a great solution for central email/calendar/tasks but I usually tell people to get familiar with the administration before we proceed. There are many books that you can purchase that will practically have set-by-step installation instructions and also explain how the product works.

If you need any help I am here to assist!
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since your client have SBS 2008 it ships with a built-in pop connector.

what you can do is keep their emails on their email provider however configure outlook to use Exchange accounts.

Configure the SBS pop connector (Windows SBS Console -> Network -> Connectivity -> Windows SBS POP3 Connector) to retrieve their emails from the pop3 provider and deliver them to their mailboxes.

Finally configure exchange to use the provider's smtp server for outgoing emails.

that way you would have accomplished the added value of exchange (shared calendar/mailboxes etc...) without having to reconfigure your all email topology
why pay the extra service fee to keep the pop3 provider service? they have sbs that includes exchange which is a complete messaging solution. i wouldn't want the added complexity and point of failure.


Wow, thanks for all the great replies.  I had tried to use the pop connectors, configured those and they seemed to work ok for retrieving the e-mail.  I need to know how to configure exchange to use the smtp for outing mail.  I know they have the ability to host this themselves with this awesome new server, trust me, I know.  It's kinda like you can't teach an old dog new tricks, too many changes make them scared.  I hope that one day we can get away from the hosted service, but for now it's here to stay.  So, let me restate my question.  I successfully setup the pop connector to bring the e-mail in.  How do I setup exchange to send mail via the smtp settings for the hosted service?

You need to configure SMTP to use a smart host which will be the ISP SMTP server.
AkhaterSolutions Architect

In your SBS console run again the email wizard and specify that you want to to use a smart host


create a new send connector that utilizes a smart host (which is your ISP)
AkhaterSolutions Architect

since he is on SBS it is better to use the wizard rather than creating it manually


Ok, i seemed to add this with ease, however; when I test the pop connector, I receive the following errors in the pop3service log:
(SMTP) [RX] 554 5.1.0 Sender denied
Failure hrResult (0x800xxx6f) trying to deliver message id 1:

Any ideas?


Although I see these errors, I appear to be able to send and receive through outlook/exchange.  Possibly nothing to worry about?
AkhaterSolutions Architect

where are you seeing this error ? can you send a screenshot ?


The pop service connector retrieve now fails.  I see this when I check the pop3connector log file.