RunningValue can't use a group clumn as scope if another row is using a row group scope?

dcmorrell used Ask the Experts™
I came across this bizarre behaviour in SQL 2008 R2 express + Report builder 3.0

Step 1: make a trivial matrix with row grouping, column grouping

Step 2: Make a second row (insert row outside group)

step 3: on the first row do =RunningValue(field!<valuefield name goes here>,Sum, "<name of row group>"

So far so good

step 4: on the second row do =RunningValue(field!<valuefield name goes here>,Sum, "<name of column group>"

Now it refuses to run, why? O___O

Yes, I know,

"You cannot aggregate values across both a row group and a column group in a single expression. Writing an expression that includes an aggregate with a row group scope and another aggregate with a column group scope is not supported. "

But we're on a different cell, we're even outside the row group on the second row.


Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom

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Try this on second row
=RunningValue(field!<valuefield name goes here>,Sum, Nothing"
and if that doesn't work then just use a regular sum
=Sum(field!<valuefield name goes here>)

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