ThinkPad x301 XP Pro SP3 Will Not Enter Standby

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My ThinkPad X301 with a v recent clean install of XP Pro SP3 will not enter the standby state. I have run SFC twice and reinstalled the current version of the BIOS. I use Zone Alarm but have used ZA fr years without this problem. My remaining software consists of standard applications, nothing unusual. Any thoughts as to where I might look for causes would be much appreciated.

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If you go into the device manager does your computer has APM (Advance Power Management)? If it doesn't have this feature your computer will not be able to go into standby or hibernate. What I would recommend is downloading ThinkVantage System Update. This will search for all software associated with your make and model of laptop.

Run this and install the software it finds, reboot and see if you can get into standby mode.
Download System Update -

Also take a look at this KB Artical for troubleshoot steps for standby and hibernate issues...

Hope this helps~!


The computer has the current version of the Lenovo ThinkManagement Power Manager. The Device Manager identifies a "ACPI Sleep Button". I also have the latest version of System Update and run it regularly. Thank you very much for the input. I intuitively suspect that ZA or some other software is preventing it from entering standby.


I solved th problem by repairing Office 2010. That makes v little sense  but it worked. Thx.

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