Imagemagick AIX install dependency error libxlsmp.a(smprt.o) is needed by ImageMagick

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Hi all,

We are trying to install imagemagick on unix AIX 6.

We have installed all dependencies as noted in this discussion.

But upon the install of Imagemagick we still get the following error

root@eva:/usr/inst/ImageMagick 4361> rpm -i ImageMagick-Q16-
error: failed dependencies:
        libxlsmp.a(smprt.o) is needed by ImageMagick-Q16-
root@eva:/usr/inst/ImageMagick 4362>

what is using libxlsmp.a? Am I missing a dependency?
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this is an original AIX fileset, not an RPM package.
I don't know why it's not mentioned in the dependencies list.

Anyway, as I already wrote in the original Q, install the fileset


from your installation  medium using "installp" or "smitty install", then issue


to  update the rpm database with the information that libxlsmp.a is now  installed.
(This is always needed after installing stuff via installp  which is also needed by rpm packages).

Now retry!


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