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i have a Windows 2003 exchange server, It is configured so you can not relay, so you can not send an email to from it will refuse relay. but what you can do is send an email saying you are from to a vaild address of the internal domain. So a user can send an email to one manager saying it is from another manager: for example

manager1@internal to manager2@internal

so I am getting users send email using outlook express and I have no way of knowing who sent them or how to stop them

Pleas help!!!!
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if they are using outlook express they must be using POP or IMAP to send their mail. Technically that is not really relaying because they have to be an authenticated use.

It sounds more like the users are creating a pop or imap account to your mailbox but entering the display name as something like MANAGER1 instead of USER1. They would still have to use their address to get the message through your exchange server.

Have you checked the headers of the internal mail to see which user account its tied to when sending?
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you have just found out one of the most annoying issues in exchange 2003, there is no easy way around it.

a common practice is the blacklist your own domain please refer to the below for more info


I will try the sender filtering and see what happens, back in touch soon

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