How do I manually uninstall Quicktime, Bonjour, iTunes from Windows Vista?

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Can anyone give me advice on how to manually remove all Quicktime, Bonjour and iTunes components from a Windows Vista installation?

iTunes update failed and it no longer works. I'm getting errors when trying to uninstall using 'Add/Remove Programs'.

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trying using the uninstall program tool on this program
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Quicktime Installer using MSI, u can not uninstall it manually if the MSI DB is corrupted, download  Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to remove QT from MSI DB and install QT again, hope this will resolve your problem.

Download Link:

I've attached a portable application called RevoUninstaller.  Download it, put it on a USB Stick and run it. It's called a portable app because there is no need to install program.  see the images attached to remove apps

1) Unselect Quicktime in the startup with msconfig or with Autoruns
2) Reboot
3) Try to uninstall again

Autoruns link:
Cont from above.....  

  •     If RevoUninstaller doesn't work, perhaps due to an incomplete uninstall or deleted/corrupt folders from prior attempts, you could always try to Re-install each app.  I recommend Using RevoUninstaller for the Final removal process.
  •     There is also an option to Remove Junk Files such as left over/empty Folders & even old shortcuts that don't link to anything.  Also has a Start-Up Manager to choose which programs start automatically from boot.  If you don't know how to set them do your research beforehand or don't mess with them at all.
Always Use Caution when configuring Startup Files or Services.


Thank you for all the solutions offered so far.

I tried using the first suggestion of WinUtilities and lost my remote connection. Having spoken to the user it seems the PC will not now connect to the internet. I'll be onsite in a few days, so will now have to wait until I can get hands on to this machine to try the other suggestions.

I'll update again sometime next week.

Go here scroll down to verify itunes and related components are completely uninstalled.


I will be having a look at this PC tomorrow, however since running Win Utilities Free Edition it has lost its internet connection so I'm just hoping the registry hasn't been damaged and in need of re-installation.
Try using CCleaner to Check for Registry errors

the file is attached.    It is pakaged in a .rar format.    

Extract with WinRar.      you can find it on

make sure you extract into its own folder (ex. Cleaner230 Portable )

Do not move any files. Just double click on   CCleaner.exe  

>>>>Find & click the Blue Registry Icon on the left side of window.
>>>>click they  button that says Scan For Issues
>>>> click they  button that says  Fix Selected Issues.

follow all on-screen instructions

Scanning  once is not always enough.  Scan & Fix until you have no more issues.
reboot & try again

get    ccleaner portable  app   here
ignore file type mismatch.  
>>>this forum doesn't allow upload of .rar

>> * * * so i changed the file extension to .zip

the file still extracts properly using winrar

but if you feel the need...
download   & and  rename extension to rar.


Thanks again for the contributions so far.

The nature of this has changed somewhat. I now have the affected laptop and it have discovered it has some malware infections and so what was previously a need to remove some Apple software is now a requirement to re-install the OS and unfortunately the customer has not provided their installer disk as requested, although they said they've supplied everything they got with it.

I think I may have to close this question although I'm not sure what the protocol would be for this sort of thing where the requirement has changed half way through.

Have you tried malwarebytes?Download free version it works great.
try going to it's a great online scanner
Reinstallation of the OS IS NOT NECESSARY to rid the system of Malware.

 If you could provide some detailed info of the malware infection, I can help you.  
Thanks for all your suggestions. Ultimately, I was forced to rebuild the PC however I have awarded shared points for the suggestions provided as some of the were worth knowing for the future.

Thanks again.


I followed the instructions as per:

2.  The 'accept and award points' button under your comment:  This will mark your answer as accepted and allow you to distribute some or all of the points among Expert comments which you found helpful.

....However, it didn't work. it would not let me distribute some or all of the points among Experts with my own solution accepted.

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