3G Datacards v USB fobs

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We have several people who want to access the internet using their laptop when they are out of the office..We have the options of either 3G datacards and USB modem type devices to purchase for them.

I was wondering what people thought was the better of the two? Any advantages/disadvantages of either?

Any help appreciated!

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What is the USB modem, is it 3G as well?  If you are comparing USB 3G cards and PCMCIA 3G cards, I would go USB for a few reasons.  One, most of them install their own drivers when you plug them in.  Two, you can use them on any computer, where the PCMCIA card requires a PCMCIA interface.  Three you can buy a USB extension cable and put the card in a higher area where you have better reception.



Yes, the USB modem is 3G is as well....see your points about the PCMCIA slot and the mobility of it all.

Not sure what you mean by they install their own drivers though? Our users do not have local admin rights on their machines, do these USB fobs just need the standard USB drivers that can with Windows Update, or do they need bespoke carrier type drivers similar to the 3G datacards?

Both will need the Vendor's software. Either way you would have to install it.  USB would make it easier, you log on as you and pop it in you don't have to worry about CDs.

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