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Expedia hotel search module/component with JOOMLA?

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Does anybody know how make an Expedia hotel search form work in joomla site?
Is there a module or component that allows me to display an Expedia hotel search like for examples on http://www.miami.com/hotels?

Thank you!!!!
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That site isn't using Joomla, but the Joomla Extensions directory has a few to take a look at.


But if your looking to incorporate Expedia itself, then go here:



Miami.com is using Drupal and I mentioned it as an example.
Joomla.org has a bunch of extensions for hotel owners to display their hotels, but non of them offers an affiliate search.
Joomledia is made for Joomla version 1.0. and it doesn't work with 1.5.
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A simple option is to create a simple web form in a custom module

Name the variables the same as the expedia site variables

Then put the expedia forms into an iframe on a different joomla page on your site say under a link called booking.

And you can pass the variables from any page where your module is to the page with the iframe.

We did this for a client who was using CentralR which doesnt have or a suitable component/module.

If you merge your iframes properly most people wont know its an iframe or goes external from the site, the bonus is you can take advantage of the reservation companies SSL security without needing one on your own site.