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IE8 doesn't honor 'bypass proxy server for local addresses' setting

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I have a split dns with the internal network dns server returning the internal ip address of our web server and the internet registered domain returning the external ip address which is published through an ISA server.  The IE8 client connection settings use the proxy server (ISA) and I have added the domain to the list of exceptions in IE8 to bypass the proxy server.  The IE8 host returns the internal ip address of the web server using NSLOOKUP but IE8 still requests the page using the proxy server.  I can see this happen by monitoring the proxy server.  Since I have added this domain to the Exceptions it should request the page directly from the web server but it does not.  Is there a trick to making IE8 bypass the proxy server?
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The reason why most of us use a proxy.pac file.

this is a link to a recent post I made that ALWAYS works regardless,



That works.  Also IE stopped trying to use the proxy server when I unchecked the 'Use a proxy server for your LAN...' and restarted IE.  I'm guessing that since the local dns returns an in-network ip it doesn't try to use the proxy/gateway.  Requests for external addresses still use the proxy server normally, probably because it is the gateway for the IE client.  Guess it's not a surprise that the bypass proxy server for local addresses doesn't function like one might think.


Good info, not required in my particular configuration but still valuable.
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lol - you didn't mention that you did not want to use the proxy for anything at all on the IE8 units :)