How to change metadata for multiple graphic files?

drgreg1408 used Ask the Experts™
I have tones of graphic files of all types (jpg, png, gif, bmp, etc).
I need to add the same metadata to hundreds of such files at a time.
Does anyone know of a program that enables me to do this?
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Nice program, but I don't see a way to batch edit the metadata.
Might have a problem with so many different formats,
tones? tons... like how many thousands? remember your resources dont too many at once
you could  try just highlighting a bunch then r/click them then go to properties>Details
highlight that and just type in some stuff your type should appear
same with Subject Tags etc and so on then save that
I'm on windows 7 but this also worked on XP
It works here.
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When I do that, I find the details uneditable. You say "highlight that." Well that includes Name, Folder path, Date created, Date modified, Size, Attribures, Offline availability, Offline status, shared with, owner, computer. Which were you saying to highlight? None of them seem to be editable.
Hello drgreg1408
Go to a folder of mp3 or jpeg

 highlight a group of images or mp3  then go to properties of that group highlighted

then~>>Details> look at Title- tags comments anything scroll down  there is a list you can tag the video size etc date
Lets start with the word Title there is a coloured  panel to the right  left click in there and type in a description
until you actually click inside this panel you may not realize you can type in it
I'll show you here's 3 snaps see before I typed in and after
highlight a group >properties>Details
tested on gifs does not work
(jpg,< works
 png,< works
 gif,<< does not work
 bmp,<< works.



Doesn't work for jpgs, which is the majority format for what I need to tag. :(
No that doesnt edit on mine either, why the need to edit the offline status/ offline availability?
It's not really associated with tagging as such?
Unless you want to modify the  date, time and attributes.
Sorry I have no knowledge on that proceedure modifying the  offline status
 but there is the highly rated IfranView
XnView is a utility for viewing and converting
graphic files.
If you right click on the folder headings (name,type modified etc), you can select many more things to show.
havent tried this one
With Febooti fileTweak you can change date and time for files, JPG images, folders (directories) and subfolders as well.


I don't need to edit the offline status; that's just where my cursor happened to be. I wished there was a tagging for jpgs. That would be ideal.
Never mind... I found a GREAT application that does exactly what I wanted.

Great !! could you please close this out accepting your own solution as the answer
well done
regards Merete

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