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JspBatchCompiler.sh to precompile jsp's

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i was precompilling my jsp's, /usr/local/fisher/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/JspBatchCompiler.sh -war.path /usr/local/fisher/WebSphere/PortalServer/installedApps/sicom.ear/sicom.war/ -compileToDir ~/jith/ -jspCompileClasspath /export/home/admin/lib

And i am putting all my jar files in the /export/home/admin/lib and when i run jspcompiler, it compile few jsp's and then kicks out by saying classnotfound error. I see that jar file exists in /export/home/admin/lib (there are around 150 jar files exists in /export/home/admin/lib  directory i copied all my WebSPhere application server library jar's and application jars to that folder).

Please let me know how to set classpath efficiently, so that compiler will use them.

Thanks in advance for your valuable help
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you can use shared library and it is best practise

Shared library files in WebSphere Application Server consist of a symbolic name, a Java classpath, and a native path for loading Java Native Interface (JNI) libraries.

You can define a shared library at the application level

A separate class loader is used for shared libraries that are associated with an application server.

IBM recommend to use shared libraries and it is easy to manage and troubleshoot the problem.

example check this link

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need more info
Thank you very much for your points. I appreciate it.

What more info you looking. I will try my best to provide.

1) like how to created shared libraries?

Have a good day.