SBS 2008 Server Windows Backup - Restore failing

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I am trying to restore some files from a backup.  I used the included windows 2008 Server backup utility.   I have 7 gig to restore and it is only restoring about half of the data.   on all the other data i have log and all the error messages say

Error Restoring File  during Read: error [0x80070002] the system cannot find the file specified.

These files are different types of files from pdf's to jpg's to dgn's etc...  Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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Steven SheeleyConsulting SW Engineer - Lync/Skype4Business

This issue occurs when the Windows Vista/7/2008 restore wizard cannot access the backup files because of denied access or because of missing or corrupted files.

Locate the Backup folder
  Make sure that the SYSTEM account has read permissions for all the backup folder's subfolders.
  Right-click the Backup folder
  Click Properties.
  Click the Security tab.
  Check to determine whether the SYSTEM account has read permissions.
  If the SYSTEM account does have read permissions click Cancel two times and go to Step 4.
  If the SYSTEM account does not have read permissions go to Steps 3-(7-12).
  Click Edit
  Click Add to add the SYSTEM account
  Click OK.
  Select the SYSTEM account
  Make sure that the Read check box is selected
  Click OK.
  Make sure that the backup folder has the following file structure:
      DRIVE:\MACHINE\BackupSet yyyy-mm-dd tttttt \Catalogs GlobalCatalog.wbcat \Backup Files yyyy-mm-dd tttttt Backup Files
  If you find an orphaned or incomplete backup, move that folder out of the BackupSet yyyy-mm-dd ttttttfolder.
  Restart the Windows Vista/7/2008 restore wizard.
  Click Start
  Click Control Panel
  Click Backup and Restore Center
  Click Restore files.


I will perform the steps listed.   and post results...

NOTE: i was able to restore some of the files if i drilled further down into the directory structure and selected a smaller set of data.  Also to note:  the restore process created the directory structure but would not restore the files.  I found this interesting..  So at first glance it appears everything has been restored until you look at the log and then drill further down into the directories...


It seems that when you use windows server 2008 backup on sbs 2008 to an external USB drive that the software takes control of the drive and makes the drive not appear in windows explorer so you can not browse that drive and change security...  So the steps above will not work..  or  maybe i am missing something.   Also,  I believe part of the problem is the directory structure (file name) is possibly too LONG...  but i have not been able to confirm this...
Consulting SW Engineer - Lync/Skype4Business


thanks for the link and the help...  

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