ESXi and Acronis Recovery

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I have just created an ESXi enviornment and would like to load my servers. All of my servers have full Acronis Backups.

I have been having some problems restoring them though. I am able to boot to the recovery screen and I have a usb storage drive attached. I have enabled the usb controller but am unable to get to the drive.

Before I bang my head any further....

1. Is it possible to load an Acronis recovery on an ESXi
2. If not what steps should I take to load my server images to this enviornment.

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This will answer your questions concerning Acronis and ESXi:
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It depends, if acronis works similarly to Paragon's backup tool and is WinPE based, it should work OK. Just copy an iso of the DVD to your datastore and configure your VM's DVD Drive to use that iso (or use the Client's or Host's DVD Drive with the Acronis DVD inside), make sure it is enabled and set to boot first from there, and then you'll boot into the Acronis DVD. Now you should be able to map to your LAN, and if that works you will be able to restore your images from the LAN to the VM you are booted into.
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If you've attached USB to the ESXi host, this won't work. USB is not yet supported in ESXi. If you have v.4 ESXi, you can see if your host supports VMDirectPath (see: If so, follow the steps in the URL I provided to configure the USB connected device. If you're restoring only data to VMs, this should work as it would with a phys server. I just need to know more detail/specifics of your setup.


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