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I set up a new virtual directory in IIS under the Default FTP Site. I already have other virtual directories, and I'm able to access them with my user account, which is a domain admin. I created an account named FTPuser, gave it full permissions to the virtual directory, but I can't open the site. When I log in, I get a Success Audit event in Event Viewer, so my account is being authenticated. But the site doesn't appear, I just get the login box again.

I ran Process Monitor and saw different behavior between the two login scenarios. When I login to the same FTP site with my admin account, I get a SUCCESS result in Procmon when trying to access the folder that is specified as the home directory for my Default Web Site. But I get an ACCESS DENIED message when trying to connect as the FTPuser. Above that in the log, it also shows a NO SUCH DEVICE error trying to connect to the IPC$ share on that drive (the one containing the home directory).

When I look at the permissions, both accounts seem to have Full Control on the relevant directories. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what is going on here?

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Maybe this applies to you:


Thanks, but that doesn't seem like my situation.
Have you turned on logging for the FTP server? If so, can you check the logs when it fails?
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It's giving me a 530 error in the FTP log. I know the username and password are correct; in fact, I just reset the password. I guess I don't understand why I'm seeing it try to connect to the IPC$ share of the computer that is hosting the home directory. When I connect using my regular domain account, Procmon shows something like this:


But when I try with the accounts that aren't working (note that it's not just a new account I'm having problems with; it's other accounts that have worked in the past), I get messages like the following:

IRP_MJ_CREATE - \\homer\d$\ftp\ - ACCESS DENIED

Any idea what these messages mean?

Have you checked this link:
I fixed this by changing the home directory of the default Web site so that it was a parent folder of the home directories specified for the individual folders beneath the default web site. Previously, it was set to a folder on a different drive. I'm not sure why that worked, but it did.

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