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I am trying to upload a VOB extension file into Corel video Studio, but the program is not recognizing the file format.
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.VOB files are files from a DVD, and are usually not useful as individual files.  The DVD file structure contains .IFO files that tell DVD players in which order the multiple .VOB files must be played.  You might need to convert the file to another format for Corel  video Studio to recognize it.
The VOB is an MPEG-2 file complete with audio and menu contents. If you get a copy of a free program called Super you can very quickly change it to an MPEG 2 file. You select mpg in the container box, MPEG-2 in the codec box and AC3 in the audio box. To make it even quicker to convert you simply tick the "direct stream" boxes in both the audio and the video and it will convert in seconds to an mpge-2 with a mpg extension.
Acutally if you want to simply view the VOB you can just change the extension to mpg without any conversion -- but video editors don't like editing a VOB file with a changed extension.
Here's super.
Scroll to the bottom for the Download.
Just adding: In converting this way you don't loose any of the files very high resolution and bitrate.

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