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Our exchange server is configured to accept email from several domains. For the purpose of this post we will call them and, and The majority of people only send email from and only need to receive email on and The majority of people are configured to have a single exchange mailbox with several email addresses. For users, that require the ability to send from we have setup a 2nd mailbox with this email address and then forwarded all the email to their mailbox. For these users, on their mail clients, we have setup the account as a pop account because the mail client will only support one exchange account. For the pop accounts we are not configuring the receive information and have only setup SMTP. This allows the users to select which account they are sending from in a drop down list.

Recently, a fourth domain was added to the exchange server. Initially we set this up the same way we had the other non primary domains. Unfortunately these users require to do the majority of their sending from and not from To accomodate this i changed the email address configuration. I put their emaill address on the primary mailbox and their address on their the send as account (the account which is only configured for SMTP). This theoretically should solve the problem except that it doesnt work.

When i setup the primary account in entourage it connect to the server but no folers or email populate. If you check the event logs on the mac is shows a  "Warning: accessing obsolete X509Anchors."

I attached a shot of what entourage looks like when you try to connect to exchange.

I would appreciate any help anyone can provide.
 enoutrage screen shot
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Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai


This doesn't seems to be an Exchange server issue after the reading of above links.

Can you configure this account in an Outlook 2007 / 2010 and see what is the outcome ?


Also, if you have PC (Windows xp,vista,7), download a trial of Outlook 2010 as it will solve alot of your problems in sense of multiple mailboxes, it can support 3 mailboxes and can be extended to 15 exchange accounts in one outlook 2010 instance

You wouldn't have to rely on POP email accounts to add your second mailboxes etc.

Outlook 2010 will also allow you to select which mailbox you want send from via the "From" field on compose / reply email window.

Hope that helps
There's an interesting Exchange 2007 workaround for this design limitation here:

There is another solution though, which will work on Exchange 2003+ (possibly earlier too, but I haven't tested this).

Instead of having multiple email addresses on a user account, for the user accounts that need to be able to send from more than one account you need a separate user account for each email address.  For the secondary email addresses, set the Exchange properties to forward all email to the primary address (i.e. the primary user account).  Grant Send As permissions on the secondary user account to the primary user account.

Once set up as above, the user can use a single Exchange mailbox and all received mail will come into that mailbox.  To send from a different email address, you can change the From address to that of the secondary email account (hence the Send As permissions).

Long-winded, but once set up it will operate properly and without any particular client or third-party software requirements.
So thanks everyone for you help.

I will post the actual fix for this problem as it was rather strange.

First thing is that if you didnt select the option to support outlook 2k3 or entourage during the initial install of exchange 2k7 then you will need to manually create the "exchange" virtual directory in iis so that if people point to the are able to hit OWA.

after you have done this in the entourage configuration for server address you need to put in a non standard address:
you also must indicate their correct email address in the address field i.e.

Once you put in these settings it magically connects and everything works.

Wow this took a lot of digging and i even called MS support although in the end they were not able to help me. Way to go MS.
Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

First thing is that if you didnt select the option to support outlook  2k3 or entourage during the initial install of exchange 2k7

If you didn't select - yes you are right and have found the right solution, but did you notified MS of this and still they were unable to give you the solution.

Glad to know that it has fixed for you !! :-)
Have a good weekend ahead

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