Remove Exchange 2003 Server after migration to Exchange 2010

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I want to know how is the best approach to remove old Exchange 2003 SErver, i have already moved all users to Exchange 2010, i stopped and disabled exchange services since las friday until today to be sure there is not any dependency of email related to Exchange 2003, all has been working well these days, so im ready to kill old Exchnge 2003.

If i try to unistall it, i got errors related to mailboxes existing on server, Recipient Update services and routing connector group.

Mailboxes. Im unable to purge mailboxes moved to 2010, i got "The operation cannot be performed because this mailbox was already reconnected to and existing user" . Im sure there is no users working on Exchange 2003, because all services has been stopped for 5 days, obviously any users woul have reported email issues.

RUS. There are RUS services related with this server. Do i have to "move" it to Ecxhange 2010, Is it really relevant

About routing group, exists a routing group where this server is the only membes, as master obvoiusly, so there is no way to chage it..... the same question, is it relevant

I have used ASDI editor on other installation, could be using ASDI the best way to "clean" exchange organization.... i think removing (uninstalling) exchange 2003 could be a very big effort for nothing

I appreciate your opinions

The currente exchange 2003 server will be shut down after process being completed. It is trash
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first of all please CAREFULLY over the 3 parts of this tutorial to migrate from exchange 2003 to 2007 (it is the same for 2010) it should get you pass most of your issues, specially the RUS and routing group ones.

for the mailbox "The operation cannot be performed because this mailbox was already reconnected to and existing user"  it seems you have "ghost mailboxes" on your 2003 server, this is pretty common during the migration and you will need to delete this database using adsiedit. but only when all other problems are solved.

to do this run adsiedit.msc on you server running exchange 2010 connect to the configuration partition -> services -> ms exchange -> first administrative group -> find your 2k3 server-> find your database and delete it
See this technet article describes how to remove last legacy server and also talks about the components that you are facing issue with:

Do not dlete legacy administrative group as it may cause issues with free busy, even thoug you move the mailbox to ex2010 their legacyexchangedn doesnt change, so no need to delete old admin group.

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