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Question, is there a way to disable the administrator account so that they can't log into the terminal server? I want each user to log into the terminal with their own logins and not using the administrator login.
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Why not enforce that by changing the Administrator account's password?
Administrator has full permision to windows services but to solve your problem I suggest you to change the administrator's name to something else!
To do that go to 'computer management' and under 'Local users and groups' right-click on administrator's account and select 'Rename' . Then type new name for administrator,


From what I was told, we have lots of server related software with saved passwords in them, and if we change the password, it will cause alot of problems and headaches. I dont want to disrupt the server. I was asking because I want to log the terminal server to see who goes on during certain times. I dont want the IT guys here logging in as the administrator but rather their own user name.
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Access the Administrator accounts within the AD and put a checkbox into the terminal service profile  tab and check the box next to "deny this user permissions to log on to any terminal server"

Enable auditing on the server that records login/logout events.
You can also enable SNMP/SNMPTRAP with evntwin to trap login/logout to an snmptrap destination.
Another thing you can do is configure the local security policy to define who can login remotely.

The IT guys can override with a domain GPO whatever approaches you setup.

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