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Hey there,

I currently have a windows 2003 server with about 8 shared network printers on it. This machine is a DC. Soon I will be replacing this machine with a windows 2008 DC. Can someone guide me in the right direction to do a migration between these platforms as well as update all client machines with the correct clients shares? Thanks in advance
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First is not a very good idea to have printers shared on the DC.
If you still want to do it, you can try to keep your old server as print server and put the ad on the new. That will keep all printer connection, even you plan an OS upgrade on the old server.
Anyway the printers can be migrated using some tools proposed by Microsoft



What do you suggest for hosting shared printers?
As the DC is very crucial to all domain / AD related software, you should not place things on it that have nothing to to with it.

Printers are best kept on a print server. This way you have all the control and no side effects onto the DC.
Even though 8 printers aren't really a lot, should at any time some driver update fail or something else go wrong and you need to restart it, this would be much worse, if you do it on a DC !
Well I have a File server / print server. For you if you can keep the second server, then leave the printers there.


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