exchange 2010 and sata disk. Good? bad?

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Guys, Im planning to roll out exch 2010. Im currently trying to spec out storage for my integration. Microsoft claims it has designed exchange 2010 to run on sata disk (slower, capacity based systems). Is there any truth to this? Is this recommended? Im concerned that running on SATA will decrease performance; However, I believe there are built in features to the 2010 design to work around performance issues with sata. Probably disk caching or something. Can anyone find me info and case studies supporting the usage of exch 2010 and sata rollouts?  What’s your opinion to this question ?
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there is no issues running exchange 2010 on sata disks as you just pointed out Microsoft built exchange 2010 for JABOD  (Just A Bunch Of Disk)

From Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 we have an I/O reduction of 70% and another 70% from 2007 to 2010.

I have been running Exchange 2010 on sata based SANs without any performance issues
Here's an article "Busting the Exchange Sata Storage Myth"

Another confirming point, Sata is fine.

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