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I want to  give the current user access to a view of only that users assigned tasks. But the @Username is not working. It is using the signer as the @username.
This is what I want to do:

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The only way to solve that is to use a "single category view".

Create a view, categorised by [AssignedTo]
Embed the view on a page and set "show single categoty" to @Username.
another possibility is to use reader felds in the task documents.  Make sure there is also a reader field for server acces which lists the servergroup or role which servers use to have access.
The same applies for acces for an administrative user.

regularr users who open the view jus see the documents they are allowed to see
You could also use a "Private on first use" view.   This is a shared view that when opened creates each user their own private view.  The view selection formula will then work with an @Username function
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Both true, but these options have a their catches:

As soon as multiple users have read access on a document (or author!), this document would show in each of their lists. Limiting access to a single user, could render your document "lost"!

Private on first use views are quite hard to update, if your view ever changes. After all: you as a designer/manager cannot update someone elses private view! You'd have to find ways to delete the private views, so they would be recreated as on users first access.
why is:
s soon as multiple users have read access on a document (or author!), this document would show in each of their lists. Limiting access to a single user, could render your document "lost"!

a catch?  it is a design choice: multiple readers => available to many
single reader => available to one

I agree on the private on first use views, use of them has been discouraged by Lotus.  But reader fields, used wisely, are a great Lotus Notes and Domino feature.

Things to watch:
- don't forget administrative and server access
- databases with large numbers of documents for which a user can only see a small number of documents can give performance problems, but Domino is very resilient. The answer is to try and test it, and to update your test situation with actual use.=> look at the real data now and then, and see if the test situation is an accurate reflection.
- if somehow administrative access was forgotten, or you have an inexplicably large db: use Ytria ScanEZ to check numbers of deletion stubs.  Usually dbs with large numbers of deletion stubs need redesign or different admin settings. If you feel you are 'missing'  documents, look at the db and note # of documents. Exit notes, reopen, and start Domino Admin client.  Open the server where the suspect db is, turn on Full Admin Access, and open the suspect db properties again and note number of docs.  If there is a difference, you've got documents with reader fields with might need fixing (It could be working as designed... ;-) )
You're right: it's a choise: if you want a collection of documents that the user has access to, reader/author fields do the trick way better that you could ever build it yourself! If you want the doc's that are assigned to that user, you are most likely targetting a smaller subset of that collection!
In a workflow (assume some 3rd line support thing), I can have a number of docs assigned to me, just as my collegue has. In case of ilness, I can take over his dos as he can take over mine, so I have read- (or rather write-) access. However, I wouldn't want his docs in my personal queue, or we'll end up processing the same issues!
And limiting access to only either one of us would criple processes....
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

My list of possibilities would be:
1. a view in an XPage; very easy to select one category
2. a page with a show single category embedded view
6. reader fields
99. a private view

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