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I need to Deploy an SSIS package on the server, where my connection string I'm getting from config file created on DEV Unit.

How can I Install my package on server, with the Dynamic Conn string, it can be either Windows Authentication or with UserID&Password.I can change the values in my config file, it doesn't seem to taking from my config file.

I'm totally lost on this, how can I set Dynamic Connection string .I tried using variables and expressions but it works on my DEV unit, when I change my values in config file(Hosted on server new changes never effected).

I really appreciate any help....

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I tried deploying on the server, and gave Configuration file in package utility section.But the changes I do for the Config File does not reflect.

I have to change any package properties....
Reza RadConsultant, Trainer

did you set DelayValidation to TRUE in your connection managers inside ssis package?

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