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List printers in DNS

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We have a windows domain with two 2008 DCs. There are 80 printers with static IPs which are accessed via a print server. Would like to have the printers list themselves in DNS as our ServiceDesk software asset component looks to DNS to retrieve the device names when performing an IP range scan to locate devices. Is there a way I can force this to happen? Alternatively, is there an easy way to "export" them from the print server into AD so that I can use a domain scan to identify the devices (in this case the asset software will pull the name from AD). I would prefer not to have to create each of the 80 printers individually in AD. Any help would be appreciated.

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If you used DHCP reservations and set the printers to dhcp then dhcp would add them to dns.  Otherwise you have to manually add them.  You could also do like a zone file and import it which would be quicker.  Lookup dnscmd.exe for examples.
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If this printers are all HP, try using the cool tools from HP Jet Direct Admin. You can centrally manage the DNS names and update them from there. I believe you can go in the back-end and export the names.
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Usually you are creating a subdomain for each category, like

The only step you have to take is to either move static DNS entries to the printers subdomain, or, if the printers are able to use DDNS (Dynamic DNS), supply them with the FQDN of printers.FunnyDomain.local.

DNS is resolved by first adding the complete DNS suffix configured (*.printers.FunnyDomainlocal), then the less specific (FunnyDomain.local), aso.


I started to look at the dnscmd.exe. I do not work with dns often and am far from expert. What I think I gleaned perhaps is that I could create a dns zone for our printers and maybe even import the printer names and ip addresses from a text file? Do I want to create a new forward lookup zone and then maybe use either /zoneReload or create a batch file to run /recordAdd by merging with a .txt file containing the printer names and ip addresses?

I have not had a lot of time to work on this since I posted the question. Am I on the right track with the above? Any more detailed instructions you might offer?

I think the batch file is the way.. read the list of printers and IP's and then use the add A record.  That is how I would do it.


DNSCMD did it. I am only giving a B because it could have been more complete. However, I should (and was) be able to jump from the answer to doing a dnscmd /? which got me the options I needed to construct a command that solved the problem.