W3WP.exe High Memory and CPU Usage, no application in website

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with IIS6
We have a fairly simple site setup with Directory browsing that hits a tree of folders containing many JPG images and a few HTM files.  There is no application, no ASP, ASPX or any other pages whatsoever within the folders.

As soon as we reset IIS, within 2-3 minutes, the W3WP associated with that website starts consuming enormous resources, 50+% CPU, 1.5-2.5GB of Memory and it just stays like this until we reset IIS again.

During a 1 hour period there were 6,079 Log file entries, which breaks down to 1.7 requests per second, so we can rule out any sort of flooding.

We have moved the Website between 2 different IIS servers to eliminate any conflicts and within 10-15 minutes of moving the website, it starts happening on the other server.

We are completely lost, can anyone help point us in the right direction?
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Have you tried using procmon or filemon/regmon to further analyze this? Also is the site isolated to its own app pool? I would start by isolating the site to its own pool if it already isn't and then I would use procmon or filemon to see if anything in particular is getting hammered.


It is isolated to its own app pool.  In fact it's the only website on the server at this point... so isolated to it's very own server.

We have used ProcExplorer and it really doesn't give us much information as to whats happening.

I will try to use a filemon and see if anything is happening at the file system level.

It's not an application though... it has nothing to compile, nothing to cache, its a simple IIS file server for images. Weird!


I downloaded and ran Process Monitor and filtered by W3WP.exe...

It is doing QueryDirectory, ReadFile, QueryAllInformationFile, QueryStandardInformationFile for ALL of the files in the entire website root.

Would this have to do with "Index this Resource" in IIS? I unchecked that box and applied it, even tried an IISreset but it just keeps chewing away.  There are millions of files, maybe I should just let it run and see if it resolves itself.

Any ideas?
Tray896SharePoint Engineer
If you're not using an indexing service then I would definitely uncheck the box for 'Index this Resource.'  Indexing that much data could certainly be contributing to your performance issues.  

Just to confirm it's not a more widespread issue on the box, what happens if you create a whole new website running in its own app pool, with only some test pages as content.  Does the performance of that worker process stay within normal ranges?

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